Star Wars Rebels Review – Zero Hour

Star Wars Rebels Zero Hour

It’s Rebels review time! Although it certainly was not as good as Season 2’s finale, “Zero Hour” was a solid end to Season 3 and certainly should make us all excited for Season 4.

What I Liked:

  • Thrawn: After a whole season of letting the Rebels escape, Thrawn finally attacks! Even though he isn’t able to capture or kill the Ghost crew and General Dodonna, he does destroy dozens of Rebel ships, kill a ton of Rebel soldiers, and force General Sato to commit suicide. Furthermore, if not for Constantine disobeying orders and the unforeseen intervention by Bendu, his plans would’ve been fully successful. I never read the Zahn trilogy, but given how much Thrawn has been hyped up, it’s great to see him be a real threat to the Rebels. I’m also happy that Thrawn wasn’t killed off in this episode, as he hasn’t done enough yet to justify his legendary status. He will be a worthy adversary in Season 4.

  • Discouragement of the Rebellion: In Rogue One, we see a rebellion that is divided and gun-shy to the point that they initially don’t want to try and steal the Death Star plans on Scarif. Given the incredible destructive power of the Death Star, this decision seemed a bit puzzling. However, this episode provides a nice justification for their hesitation, as on the eve of their first major assault against the Empire, the Rebellion is dealt a serious blow.

  • Space Battle: Very cool! My favorite part may have been the bombardment of Atollon from space. I don’t remember seeing a similar type of attack in any other Star Wars media, but please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.
  • Kanan Destroys an AT-AT: This probably wouldn’t have worked in a live-action movie because the AT-AT’s legs are too thick, but seeing Kanan singlehandedly take down an AT-AT by slashing its legs was a cool visual.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Thrawn’s Interaction with Kallus: I enjoyed the moment that Thrawn discovered Kallus was Fulcrum and their subsequent fight, but I felt like this was a little bit of a missed opportunity. Given how much of an intellectual Thrawn is, I’m surprised he didn’t even ask Kallus why he decided to betray the Empire. If Thrawn is truly trying to understand the Rebellion and why it attracts people, this seems to be the kind of question he would want answered. Plus, it would’ve been interesting to hear exactly how Thrawn would react to his justification. Would Thrawn have acknowledged that the Empire doesn’t value human life as much as the Empire?

Thrawn Captures Kallus

  • Kallus Surviving: I like Kallus and perhaps he will have an important role in Season 4, but it just seemed like it was his time to go. It could’ve been an emotional moment seeing him pay the ultimate price for doing the right thing, and it would’ve added to the carnage of the episode. Also, didn’t the storm troopers bind his arms or something? Exactly how did he overtake them in the elevator?

Kallus Survives

  • Escaping Atollon: One thing that just didn’t make sense to me in the moment is why other ships didn’t jump to hyperspace with Ezra when they had the chance? If they had, then that would’ve saved a lot of lives and ships.
  • Why Did the Empire Stop Firing? I understand that Tarkin ordered Thrawn to take prisoners, but Thrawn is not one to obey orders when they threaten the success of his mission. If he had kept up the aerial bombardment against the Rebels’ small shield on Atollon, then he seemingly could’ve killed the entire Ghost crew except Ezra. Also, how can a small shield like that absorb such intense bombardment from multiple Star Destroyers?
  • Bendu’s Defeat: The episode made Bendu seem incredibly powerful, but then he was destroyed because the Empire shot their lasers into the cloud? Why couldn’t he just evade them? It didn’t seem to make much sense. Nevertheless, the Bendu is an intriguing character who I hope appears in Season 4.

Bendu Dies

  • Thrawn’s Battle Helmet: Ok, this is definitely a nit-pick, but I thought he looked a little stupid in it.

Thrawn Attacks

What do you think of Rebels’ Season 3 finale? Let me know in the comments!

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