Future Star Wars Movies

Sequel Trilogy

WARNING: Light spoilers ahead about the broad concepts of future Star Wars movies

Thanks to the great site Star Wars News Net, we now have new information about future Star Wars movies (see https://www.starwarsnewsnet.com/2017/03/do-not-post-lucasfilms-post-star-wars-episode-ix-plans.html). Below are my thoughts about these potential projects:

Fourth Star Wars Saga Trilogy 

Star Wars 10, 11, 12

What We Know: Star Wars News Net reported that a fourth trilogy will happen, but that Disney will take a few years break after the end of the current sequel trilogy.

What We Don’t Know: Interestingly, this article does not specifically say whether this fourth trilogy will take place after the events of the current sequel trilogy or before the prequel trilogy. People have long speculated about a Star Wars movie or trilogy taking place during the time of the Old Republic many years before the prequels. It would certainly be interesting to see the formation of the Jedi and Sith orders and their various wars.

What I Think: Although I’m certainly not surprised that Disney would want to make another saga trilogy given how much money the Force Awakens made them, whether or not a fourth trilogy is warranted story-wise is questionable. While, as a fan, I definitely want to see as many movies as possible, there is a legitimate concern of Star Wars fatigue, especially with the sage movies. The danger is that the stakes of the saga movies are supposed to be huge (for example, fighting the evil galactic Empire), but there is only so many times you can create an enormous threat before it starts to seem ridiculous. It is kind of like if there were sequels to Harry Potter where Voldemort came back or Harry and the gang had to fight another extremely powerful dark wizard. At some point, it might start to feel repetitive and cheapen the previous stories. However, a few years break would help and we will just have to trust the creative team at Lucasfilm to deliver good and engaging stories that explore different themes. Also, for all we know Episode 9 will end with a big cliffhanger that will leave us wanting more.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie 

Kenobi Movie

What We Know: Star Wars News Net reported that an Obi-Wan movie will happen, but that it will be a standalone movie rather than a trilogy. Also, it is possible Gareth Edwards will return to direct, albeit with a different writing team.

What I Think: Since in my opinion Obi-Wan was the best character in the prequels and Ewan McGregor was the best actor, I would be happy to see an Obi-Wan movie. I also think it makes sense to do a standalone movie rather than a trilogy. Because Obi-Wan’s main mission is to watch over Luke on Tatooine and prevent the Empire from discovering his existence, it would be irresponsible of Obi-Wan to go off on a grand adventure outside of Tatooine that might threaten his main mission. Therefore, there probably is no way to have enough content to fill a trilogy without compromising Obi-Wan’s integrity. A standalone movie could focus on a smaller mission either on Tatooine or off-world. As far as Gareth Edwards coming back to direct, I am a bit skeptical. Though I did enjoy Rogue One and many of the visuals were amazing, it seems that Gareth is more comfortable with large-scale action movies rather than smaller, more character-based movies. Since I hope that a potential Obi-Wan movie would focus directly on the character and explore how his isolation on Tatooine has affected his psyche, I’m not sure Gareth is the best person for the job. However, perhaps he has just never had the chance to direct a smaller-scale character movie and would kill it!

Boba Fett & Ensemble Bounty Hunter Movie

Boba Fett Standalone

What We Know: Star Wars News Net reported that a Boba Fett movie is in the works, but that it will not be an origin story and will focus on several bounty hunters.

What I Think: Although I hope that Star Wars will branch out and make movies about new characters, I am on-board with this movie. I think it would be a great opportunity to tell a very different kind of story than we have seen before. For example, this movie could be more of a spy thriller where the various bounty hunters have to compete in order to infiltrate an organization (maybe a large crime syndicate) and assassinate some enemy of the Empire.

A Romantic Star Wars Movie

Lost Stars Movie

What We Know: Star Wars News Net reported that this movie will have significant romantic undertones and be targeted at a young-adult audience, but that it would likely portray a tragic love story.

What I Think: I like that this idea seemingly would introduce us to a brand new set of characters and so expand the Star Wars universe. While the report says that it won’t be an adaptation of Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars, a similar idea could be pursued. For example, perhaps this movie could follow two lovers on the side of the Republic in the Clone Wars, but then have one decide to join the Separatists after seeing the flaws of the Republic and the Jedi. Or, it might be interesting to follow two in-love members of the Rebellion and have one die in a mission against the Empire.



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